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Samantha's Story

Our beautiful Samantha, forever loved, forever missed but never forgotten.
Samantha was a beautiful 18-year-old with a zest for life. Just 68 days after the birth of her son, she had her first night out with friends. However, the evil on the streets that night brought Samantha to her death. Samantha was brutally stabbed to death by a 15-year-old girl that night, and life has never been the same without her.

The design of Samanthas Legacys Logo has a hidden meaning. Samantha's Story is about how the livess of a family can change after such tragic loss and murder. Samanthas Brother Lee also passed away in 2017. Thererfore this hidden message is also a tribute and in loving memory of him. Lee & Samantha had an unbreakable bond and Lee suffered terribly without her by his side. They are now together in each tohers arms.


With much courage, Samantha’s legacy fight for no other person or family to suffer the pain of losing a loved one to knife crime. Samantha's Mum, Sister & Cousin fight tirelessly to prevent serious violent crime in the North East Region (and beyond if needed). Using their own life experiences, they share Samantha's Story with young people in the hope of changing mindsets but ultimately supporting the prevention of knife crime and saving lives.


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