The Team


Carly Barrett- Samantha’s Sister

Currently studying Criminology and Sociology at Northumbria University. Married with 2 young children.


Alison Madgin- Samantha’s Mother

Self-employed businesswoman. Holds a foundation degree in sociology and psychology and mentor skills.

Yvonne Butterfield- Samantha’s Cousin

Served 19 years in the British Army. Also 5 years’ experience working at a SEN school. Now working as  a youth mentor for Edge NE.



Samantha's Story

Samantha was a beautiful 18-year-old with a zest for life. Just 68 days after the birth of her son she had her first night out with friends. However, the evil on the streets that night brought Samantha to her death. Samantha was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old girl that night and life has never been the same without her.
With much courage Samantha’s legacy fight for no other person or family to suffer the pain to loosing a loved one to knife crime.

What we do

Violence, knives, and murder are not the average classroom subjects but Samantha’s Legacy aim to give youths the chance to hear first-hand the devastation one family can experience in the hands of knife crime in our educational talks. We cover recent statistics of knife crime and share the laws around carrying knives and sentences individuals can serve.  Our presentation can be emotional for most, but it is never our intention to upset any student, only to give a true insight into the devastation knife crime can have on a family.
Our all-time aim is to help prevent knife crime in our region and we believe by sharing Samantha’s story this can have a great impact on students. This is also offered on a one to one basis with a young person who finds themselves involved in knife crime or violent crime.

As victims of knife crime after loosing our beautiful Samantha we know all to well the heartache. Time is no healer as many may think. As Samantha's Legacy we provide support of any kind to families who loose a loved one to violent crime.
We run fundraising events throughout the year to fund Samantha's Legacy as do friends and family (we run as a voluntary community interest company) and one goal we are trying to reach is to raise enough funds to purchase a retreat to be able to offer to victims. Again we know all to well, especially in the early stages of such trauma how the feeling of escape creeps on individuals or families. We want to be able to offer that escape, we believe this could bring much emotional benefit to families through their grieving process, court dates/trials but also on birthday and anniversary's of their loved ones.