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How your Donations Help

Samantha's Legacy is a nonprofit voluntary organisation. We give our time and dedication to making this organisation a success. We believe we can make a change and have been given this life because this is our purpose now. 

We rely solely on donations, grants, sponsors, or funding from local organisations. Without all the kind support and help, we would not have been able to purchase Samantha's Retreat, but we need the support to carry on so that the retreat can see many victims of knife crime benefiting from it. Our educational talks which we believe are essential in our vision to prevent knife crime also rely on kind donations. We can assure you that every penny donated goes to a good cause and does make a difference.

To all who have played a part in this support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is the support, love, and kindness of others that keeps us going. 

With much love, THANK YOU!


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