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What We Offer

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We work as a voluntary organisation, but we will go above and beyond to support young people and victims of knife crime. Please contact us if you feel we could help in any way. We will do all we can to meet your request.



Educational Anti knife crime workshops

Violence, knives, and murder are not the average classroom subjects but Samantha’s Legacy aim to give youths the chance to hear first-hand the devastation one family can experience in the hands of knife crime in our educational talks. We cover recent statistics of knife crime and share the laws around carrying knives and sentences individuals can serve.  Our presentation can be emotional for most, but it is never our intention to upset any young person, only to give a true insight into the devastation knife crime can have on a family.
Our all-time aim is to help prevent knife crime in our region and we believe by sharing Samantha’s story this can have a great impact on students.



We offer our support in any way we possibly can. If you, a family member, or if you know someone needing support, please contact us. Sometimes talking to someone who has experienced similar trauma can help. 


resource packs

Although this is still a working process, we hope to offer resource packs to teachers, parents, or any youth organisation.


1:1 Anti Knife crime session

Although we never intend to single any young person out, we appreciate that some young people benefit from our talks on a more personal 1:1 basis. These sessions have been effective for young people becoming involved in knife crime and for the right young person these sessions can make a significant difference. 
We are nonjudgmental of any situation or circumstance. We only strive to support, prevent and make a difference.


Victims Retreat

From our experience of tragically losing Samantha, we know all too well that feeling of needing to escape the reality of the trauma. This retreat is offered at any time and is not one-time use. We want to offer at the first instance, before or after the court hearing, birthdays, memories, or just as and when needed. If you would like to nominate a family for this use, please get in touch with us.


Raise awareness

Over the years, we have participated in many projects that have helped raise awareness of knife crime. We believe raising awareness is a crucial concept when supporting knife crime prevention.
We have participated in several documentaries, including our most popular, Eastenders​ anti-knife crime episode. 
Although every program, documentary, and interview we participate in can be an emotional drain, we take part in the hope of saving lives and families from the pain and trauma we live with.

Practitioners knife crime awareness sessions


We believe it is essential for practitioners to be aware of the various signs of knife crime in young people. These sessions have impacted practitioners to help identify young people who may be involved in knife crime.

Hi I’m Alison a mother too Gracey 15 year old daughter who was present at a safeguarding awareness course Carly was a speaker at the course as many can relate my words off KEEPING SAFE fall on death ears with teenagers but the fact my daughter came home and spoke about it then again today we had a long talk about it very openly too was massive too me she mentioned how Carly’s emotions really got too her and I think it sunk in I think sometimes these amazing people who talk from the heart is what young people need they actually take note Carly you left an impact in my child in such a positive way cause you told her from experience and kids listen better too that keep up the good work lots off love from me and Gracey xxx

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