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Our Work

Prevent & Raise Awareness


Whether it's as a parent or guardian, a young person, as a family or if someone you know is struggling with the traumas of loosing a loved one, we will do all we can to support in any way we can

Please reach out! speaking to those who truly understand the roller coaster of grief and trauma can sometimes help ease the feeling of your world, your life falling apart. 


Educate & Engage

We believe educating young people on the dangers of knife crime will give them an insight into the reality of how knives can damage knives. Telling Samantha's story to us is sometimes extremely difficult, but our passion and our believed purpose in this life we have been given is what gets us through it. We have engaged and educated thousands of young people so far, and we genuinely believe we have made a difference in many lives, if not saved. 



samanthas retreat_edited.jpg

Although prevention is at the forefront of our vision, we must not forget the many victims of knife Crime. We are here for you! 
Our aim from the beginning has been to support and inspire victims of knife crime, and our vision was to Launch a 'Victims Retreat.' This retreat is in a peaceful location, and individuals or families can visit to escape the trauma and grief they have faced. We are ever so proud that we launched this victim retreat in 2022.

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